Issues with your electrics are not only inconvenient, they can be potentially dangerous. 

For instance, contact with faulty wiring or appliances can lead to electric shocks. These are at best unpleasant, at worst dangerous or even fatal. 

Appliances with worn-out or damaged cords or plugs can also cause electrical hazards. They should therefore be regularly checked. It’s also wise to have a local electrician on speed dial if any issues arise in your property. 

From repairs to installations and upgrades, F.D. Electrical carries out all kinds of work.

 All our electricians are highly qualified, certified and committed to complete customer satisfaction.  Since they’re based in Isleworth, they can get to your home at lightning speeds. We complete work for highly competitive rates which offer unbeatable value for money.

Our domestic electricians are ready to solve all kinds of issues at your home in Isleworth, ensuring everything is functioning safely and efficiently. 

So, what are the most commonly reported problems with electrics in UK homes?

Firstly, faulty wiring is an issue that can cause a range of problems, including short circuits, sparking and electrical fires. 

Overloaded circuits can also cause blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers. Circuit breakers are designed to trip when they detect an overload or a short circuit, cutting off power to the affected circuit.

Other issues our electricians in Isleworth frequently deal with include faulty outlets and switches.

Worn-out outlets or switches can pose a safety hazard and may not function properly. If you have an older property, we’re always happy to update your wiring. 

Problems with light fixtures is another common reason to call out an electrician. Whether you’re having issues with flickering lights or bulbs burning out frequently, this can indicate wiring problems or issues with the fixture itself. 

Perhaps you have new fixtures which you need installed. 


F.D. Electrical is able to fit all kinds of fixtures to your home, including lighting and sockets. Updating the old lighting fixtures in your home can have a significant impact on the ambience and mood of a room. 

No matter if you’re looking to introduce pendant lighting or flush lights, we will get the job done with alacrity. 

There’s been an increase in the popularity of outdoor lighting over the past few years. This has led to more work for electricians! People frequently have issues with outdoor electrical installations, such as damaged wiring or improperly installed lighting, can pose safety risks, especially in wet conditions.

F.D. Electrical will ensure all electrical fittings are properly installed in your home in Isleworth.

Although it can be tempting to save money with a DIY approach, if someone doesn’t have the knowledge, it can lead to safety issues.  Improperly installed electrical fixtures often malfunction or are dangerous. 

Remember it’s essential to address these electrical problems promptly to ensure the safety and functionality of your home’s electrical system. Our team can come quickly and efficiently to your property in Isleworth to resolve issues ASAP. We can work unobtrusively so we cause as little disruption to your home as possible. 

If you’re a landlord, our qualified electricians can also ensure you meet compliance with safety regulations and standards.

How is the way we use electricity evolving in UK homes?

F.D. Electrics love bringing residential properties into the modern age. One of the things that’s become increasingly popular is smart technology, whether it’s smart thermostats, lighting systems or security devices. 

Another issue is that we all have more devices than ever before. You might find you need new sockets installed to facilitate your gadgets. If you find yourself often using power strips or adapters to connect multiple devices to a single socket, it may be time to install more outlets to distribute the load more safely.

There’s also a growing interest in energy efficiency.

If you want to make your property more eco-friendly, our team would love to assist you. We can ensure that everything’s installed correctly so it reduces your carbon footprint and delivers lower energy bills. 

Our team regularly introduces LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances, and smart energy monitoring systems.

Why change to LED lighting in 2024?

LEDs consume significantly less energy than traditional lighting options. This is because they convert more energy into light rather than heat, so are more efficient and cost-effective in the long run.

They also have a much longer lifespan. That means you’ll have to replace your bulbs much less often. LED lights are also less resistant to shock, vibrations, and external impacts. 

LED lighting produces less greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional lighting sources. Not only that, LED bulbs are free from hazardous materials such as mercury, making them safer for disposal and recycling

If you’re looking for trusted domestic electricians in Isleworth, don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.